About Us

We have been in the jewelry industry for over 10 years, as freelancers, we have sketched jewelry for others, we have designed for others and we have even produced for others.

During those years, we have achieved and mastered jewelry skills and challenged ourselves with a very complicated and innovative designs, every time we have designed and successfully produced a new complicated piece, it completely fulfilled us with passion to the next project.
We sincerely believe that when creating something, anything, you must do it with a deep passion, with strive to perfection, with ambition and with a clear vision of creating the best thing in the world.
Many times the insistence on excellence has created a lot of friction in the work process with the various companies we have worked with, the mass production and time pressure created them a process where the jewelry we design is made without a soul, without a character and without passion.
This leads us to why me - Jacob, and my brother – Amiran, have decided to establish Bocaj Narima back in 2016.
We believe that the jewelry is a something symbolic, a valuable and unique moment to the customer. we provide countless such moments to the clients all over the world so we have always done everything possible to produce them with the supremacy that honors those moments.
Equipped with a lot of passion and ambition, we have started doing everything by ourselves, the website design made by us, the pictures are made by us, the content is written by us, the logo and everything everything else you see on the website, is designed and made completely by us.
We have worked days and nights in order to be able and have everything made in house and under our strict principals and despite all the difficulties, we have finally achieved our goal and we now do all the production in-house.
All of our items are handmade and made-to-order especially for you, followed by the right ring size, the preferred gold purity and the gold color you like.
We sketching, designing, molding and hand-making all of our jewelry pieces in our studios, which are located in New York and Tel Aviv.